Loose; flexible, groovy, ripe fruit, change (the jingle of coins in your pocket as the wind chimes sing in the warm breeze at that obscure old home on the corner of the near-highway otherwise quiet street), freedom, fluid, flowing, sexy, comfortable, juicy.

Interpretation; subjective understanding, challenging perceived rigidity or rules, misty.

The art of loosely interpreting allows for the creation of accessible, safe space for individual, reciprocal, and collective reflection →

  • To speak freely about a practice, identity, self, history, present moment, + inspiration

  • To have fun / play

  • To deconstruct and offer new solutions to ideas of: formal interviews, partnerships, [artistic] practices, muses, agency, [creative] freedom

  • To engage in the art of conversation

We need to honor our fruits and weeds  in order to process the making of ourselves - tenderizing raw material from our individual histories, we create collective solutions. By harnessing space for active reflection, a freedom to exercise a truly mutual exchange unfurls.

Loose Interpretation offers a latticed resource, curating material from emerging and rooted practitioners, in order to construct a new platform of reference, a guideline of responsibility, and a resource for healing.